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Morning Routines

Morning routines are great and all, but do you think there's just "one ideal" routine for your whole life? This message an change your life ~

How? By incepting in your mind this idea that you CAN and MUST change your routines depending on your specific goals.

People usually adopt their routines (if any) from their role-models, either consciously or subconsciously. And then they feel bad if they are unable to do the same for extended periods of time Even if they did, they wonder why their life is not as awesome as their role-models

If you are into fitness and follow news around that world, then you'll see the influencers workout first thing in the morning and wake early daily .

If your predominant feeling throughout the day is: "I hate my job. I want to spend time doing things I want to spend time on, but my job ties my hands and time!" (which is most people) then you'd be better off spending that morning silence/mood/energy working on a side-project or learning a new skill that would bring more money, instead of draining that morning.

If you follow @naval or @SamHarrisOrg, then you might be led to believe meditation is SUPER IMPORTANT and then spend hours and hours sitting, doing nothing and yet thinking you're becoming smart. Naval said somewhere he meditates for 2 hours daily.

If you are young and piss poor, then learn to be present (enough) by just doing 15mins of meditation (as @bowtiedbull says), and then get into ACTION-MODE Spend the remaining time trying to become rich ($15M-$20M net worth)

You'll understand the world and yourself more this way and likely get the maturity to calm down at will (extensive real-life experiences will keep you grounded more than meditation, in my honest opinion)

The point is, if you want your life to go in a SPECIFIC direction, set your morning routine in a way that maximizes effort in THAT direction Don't just do what your influencers do. Their life is not your life (you are better off reading @bowtiedbull for practical advice on this).

And, if you want to earn your first secondary form of income, then you need to optimize your morning routine, time and energy around this particular goal Time is not on your side, so make the best out of those mornings (or whatever free time you could free-up!)

If u don't yet have your second income, then the best person to learn the how-to is actually me, because I do have ONE second income (one more than you!) I know you're struggles, doubts, and mindset. I'm there & I've been there. Convinced? Then subscribe (below)

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