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NFTS vs. QR Codes?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

What's the difference between a unique Q-code an an NFT? Why *can't* the technology be used to chip you on the block chain? Why hasn't it been made illegal already if the clowns thought it was a threat? Are we building a prison? Mike Cernovich said that "if beer (IPA's) were good, they would have been made illegal already." Why is the establishment so impartial to the Metaverse? They seem to be intent on taxing it, certainly not how to ban it.

And smart "refrigerators?" Are you paying attention?

I'm not Amish, I'm not against technology. But Web 3.0 has me at a crisis of consciousness at the level of genetic engineering and pure technological sociology. I know I can manipulate the masses and profit; but I don't want to. I can disappear.

I have absolutely no desire to engage in the "Metaverse," regardless of how convenient. I see the argument of the evolution from MySpace to Facebook to Instagram, and finally Twitter/Discord and Crypto with the transition to the Metaverse. I stop here. I don't want it.

I don't mean that I *STOP* the progress of technology, I mean that I don't want to participate in this "forking." Because that's what it is. I chose to "fork" into a system that allows for my Grandchildren's dignity. Not some digital ID (public wallet address).

No thanks.

I won't "mint" my bighorn NFT, you can right click save. I don't care. I'll buy some NFT's to hedge my bets, but you'll never see a thing about it. No hype here, but I see which way the wind blows.

But never forget, if you can cash out to get an acre in the woods ... Remember that you can get out of the box car or "rat race," buy a cheap acre and - actually stop and smell the roses. Nirvana is all around you. Escaping the system is actually escaping the SCREEN.

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