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Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Once you are in the game ... and by "in the game" I mean you've read and completed the steps of our previous posts ... you'll want to get an edge in the NFT game. There are fervert buyers out there. We're not the only ones out here that are speculating and spending all day waiting for new mints.

Oh, "what's a mint?" A mint is the birthing of a new NFT project. Whether you've discovered the NFT via word of mouth, twitter or discord - each project will outline when they're "minting" similar to a brand new deck of Pokemon cards. You will be purchasing 1 OF an entire collection. If you have a pulse on the market, "rare" NFTs within collections will be the most sought after.

Typical mints range anywhere from "free" (less common") all the way to .1 ETH, depending on the marketing and perceived value of the art.

After mint, there will be reveal of the pieces. The "metadata" will refresh automatically within OpenSea.

So, how do you find rare pieces? If a collection can range from 3,000 to 16,000 (such as you're going to need a bit of help outside of having a "good eye."

The most referenced website is, followed by raritysniper and rarity sniffer (beta).

All NFT collections, at least the newer ones, have listed attributes in the Metadata. Some examples: background color, "item," outfit, hair, etc.

The frequency in which traits occur will define the rarity of a piece. You can almost gaurantee that any piece that is "all good" or hodling a diamond, or has laser eyes - will be on the rarer side.

To conclude, poke around on and check out the various collections. You can even sort by cost, volume traded (in ETH) and get a feel for what's buzzing.

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